Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meeting The Artist

It took forever but we finally got to meet
Michael Godard MY FAVORITE ARTIST !!!!

Totally CRAZY guy!

Me And Elly Godard
The Party Crew
Cameron Kittra Chenoa and Joe

Both signed my painting!!! Yeah for me

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Alexandria Peighton Olmsted

Today at 2:55pm little Ali(pronounced al-lee) Olmsted came into our world at 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long at Kaiser Hospital on Cottage Way. Her proud parents Carol and Chris couldn't be happier. Ali was in such a rush to get out the doctors were still scrubbing out when the nurse "caught her" as she shot out "like a cork" as her mother describes. Delivery took less than 30 minutes once Carol was moved into the delivery room. Ali is very healthy, very beautiful, and Auntie Kitt and Uncle Cameron are very proud of their new niece!!!

the beautiful baby "Chinklett"

She has her mom's big mouth (j/k)

Carol is extremely happy about.....

her gourmet four-star meal

YEAH! Auntie Kittra got a loud suprise

Carol watching Ali make faces at Cameron

The VEEERRRRRRY Proud Daddy(Chris)

Blurry but cute

Three Generations of Olmsteds

Grandma and Grandpa Olmsted

Uncle Tony

The Delivery Crew(Minus Kitt behind the camera)

The Wedding Site

We decided on a beautiful place in downtown Sacramento to have our ceremony and reception. We will have the run of the parking garage and the front entrance. We will post more info as the date get closer.

The Soon to be Smiths

We finally decided to join the group and start our "blog". What better way to start our blog than a picture of us on the night we got engaged.